28 August 2020

28th August 2020 - In General News, Uncategorised

Final advice before Restart!

  Final advice before the Big Restart! Please read over the guidance and instructions already up on our website and on our app. (It’s also on Google Classroom.  Please, please observe social distance at drop-off and collection. Do not crowd round the classroom door. If your child knows which door to go to, there is no need for you to escort all the way in. Wearing a mask would be advisable. Pupils do not have to wear them.  Please don’t be offended if a member of staff asks you to step back. We know how easy it is to get too close - we’ve all been there.  If you have an urgent issue to relay to the teacher, please be very brief as we need to get pupils settled into classrooms as they come in. You can contact teachers through Google Classroom, but again please bear in mind how busy teachers are.  We thank you for your cooperation to date. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated. We must all work together for everyone’s benefit. (Teachers and Classroom Assistants are nervous too!) Teachers have been planning activities to calm pupil nerves and promote wellbeing, although we are confident that just getting pupils back into routine and back in the company of their classmates will very quickly settle everyone down.  Remember there is a real chance that a pupil or a member of staff might at some point test positive for Covid-19, in which case the affected ‘bubble’ might be off school for 14 days. We advise that you think about contingency planning because if it did happen, it would be sudden.  School Meals menu is up on Twitter. Orders have to be made via the School Money website. If you have lost your login details please email our secretary at [email protected] (or just click the email link for it, which is up on Twitter) Finally, continue to keep an eye to our app, our Twitter-feed and our website for further bulletins.  #staysafe We’ll get through this together. Best regards  Alastair Mackay Principal