Welcome to Finaghy Primary School

At Finaghy Primary School we aim to prepare children for life in tomorrow’s world. We believe that parents require more from a school than they did in the past. Teaching the ‘three ‘r’s, whilst still important, is now only one part of what we do.

As well as teaching the academic subjects, our curriculum now includes:

  • Personal & Social Education
  • Citizenship Education
  • Health Education
  • IT/Media/Internet Safety
  • Mutual Understanding and Thinking & Learning Skills

Upcoming Events & Holidays

  • 28 Jun
    Summer Term Ends (School finishes at 12:10pm and no lunches will be served.)

School Closure
Reminder that school is closed tomorrow (Friday 24th) for staff training and Monday 27th for the Bank Holiday.

Please return summer holiday forms to Daycare by Friday to allow staff to plan for the summer months.
Thank you!

P3AF Science Experiment
The children in Mrs Flanagan's class loved using lard to see how long they could keep their finger in cold water as part of their topic on Living Things. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!❄️❄️❄️

P7 Edinburgh Trip Meeting
There will be a meeting about the Edinburgh trip at 6.30pm this evening in the assembly hall. Medicines for your child can be given to their group leader after the meeting if ready.

St Polycarp's Choir
Well done to our pupils, jncluding Head Chorister Orla Fraser, who performed in St Polycarp's Church at the weekend.

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