Teaching and Learning

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum, aiming to live up to our motto of ‘preparing today’s children for tomorrow’s world.’

We place emphasis on literacy, numeracy and ICT skills, whilst offering a broad range of other subjects. As well as an emphasis on the academic subjects in our curriculum, we place a high priority on the emotional wellbeing of our pupils. Lessons are embedded across the curriculum to help our pupils understand and manage their emotions. Our overall aim is to produce confident, knowledgeable and successful pupils. Pupils complete a range of assessments including observations in Foundation Stage, teacher and class assessments in all years, as well as a range of computersied tests for pupils from P3 to P7. Teachers, co-ordinators and senior leaders use the results of these assessments to identify key priority areas for improvement as part of the cycle of School Development Planning. Pupils who wish to take AQE/GL tests in P7 will be fully prepared through the relevant aspects of our Literacy and Numeracy curriculum.