Finaghy Campus

We have completely transformed from being a local primary school to a 7-acre community campus for education, sport, children's services, recreation and life-long learning.

As our projects have developed, ‘the whole has become greater than the sum of its parts’. Finaghy Campus has now gained local, national and international interest as a ‘full-service extended school’. Increasing numbers of children are dropped off for breakfast and picked up again when parents are returning from work. Many now return in the evenings and at weekends to avail of the SportsZone, Public Library and programmes that run in the school building.

Breakfast Club: opens at 8.00am each morning.

Daycare Centre: operates from 2.00pm-6.00pm term-time and from 8.00am-6.00pm during holidays.

SportsZoneSynthetic floodlit pitch and pavillion for both school and community use.

Benmore Playgroup: On-site pre-school facility for 24 children.

Public Library: used extensively by pupils, parents and community members.

16 Classroom School for 456 pupils

Each room containing networked computers, iPads, broadband internet access, multimedia technology and Activ Panel screens.