Absence and Lateness


Unauthorised absences from school are recorded on the school computer. A member of staff will contact parents if a pupil is absent without reason. Parents must contact us if pupils are to be absent for any reason, either by letter or telephone call.

Family holidays should not be taken during term-time. These would be recorded as unauthorised absences.

If a pupil’s attendance falls below 85%, records may be forwarded to the EA Educational Welfare Officer (EWO).

If the school staff are concerned about a pupil’s attendance, parents will be contacted by the class teacher, EWO link teacher Mrs Emerson or Principal and appropriate assistance/advice offered.


Continual lateness is disruptive to your child’s education and is also very disruptive to the class teacher.
Our school policy on lateness is as follows:
More than 5 late-marks in a year obliges us to remind you by letter of the importance of arriving punctually for school.
More than 10 late-marks in a year obliges us to refer your child’s register to our EWO link teacher Mrs Emerson for closer monitoring, and you may be contacted by letter or telephone.
More than 15 late marks in a year may lead to a referral to the Education Authority’s Welfare Officer (EWO).
We conduct a mid-year review of pupil lateness and absence, and we will contact parents if a pupil-record raises concern.