A 'who's who' directory

Board of Governors

Governors meet regularly throughout the year to oversee and monitor school development. They have legal responsibility for finance, employment, staff welfare and safeguarding/child protection.

Chair: Mr Peter Breene MBE

Vice-Chair: Mr Trevor Dale MBE


School Leadership Team:

Principal: Mrs Rosalind Corbett

Vice Principal: Ms J Mawhinney

SENCO (Special Needs): Mr R Falls



P1: Mrs J Gough, Mrs S Watson


P2: Mrs D Adamson/Mrs S Stevenson, Mrs E Brady


P3: Mrs A Flanagan, Mr D Matchett


P4: Mr R Falls, Miss J Cargill

P5: Mrs E Boomer, Miss S Davidson


P6: Ms J Mawhinney, Mrs S Graham


P7: Mr K Platt, Mrs L Emerson


Child Protection Officers: Mrs D Adamson, Ms J Mawhinney

Classroom Assistants:


P1: Mrs S Quinn, Miss L Meehan


P2: Mrs G Russell, Mrs K Langtry, Miss J Beattie, Mrs E Ward, Mrs K Biggerstaff


P3: Mrs S Bell, Mr S Owens, Ms J Makwana


P4: Mrs L Matchett, Mrs F Hillock


P5: Miss L Chisholm, Mrs M Watton


P6: Mrs A Alkhateb, Miss C Servis, Mrs J O’Hagan

P7: Mrs J Uprichard, Mr P Murphy

Daycare Leader: Miss J Beattie


School Office Staff: Miss E McGarvey, Mrs K McNeilly

Caretaker: Mr Dean Courtney

Kitchen Supervisor: Mrs A Brown

Crossing Patrol Officers: Mrs B Darling, Ms A Anderson