2004: Finaghy Campus

A new era

Shortly after Mr Mackay became Principal in 1999, news came through that Finaghy PS was on the Department of Education’s list for a new building. Ground was broken in 2002, and two years later we moved into beautiful new premises. As you can see from the pictures, the old school continued to operate during the two years of building. It was quite challenging at times. At one point, the ground-vibration from pile-drivers was causing objects to bounce off shelves and desks! Once we had moved out of the old and into the new, the builders started work on demolition. Many materials from the old building were recycled: bricks, slates (‘Bangor-blues’) oak flooring, brass door fittings and the aluminium from the prefab extension. This was quite an emotional time for many. However, as the site was cleared and levelled, the potential for new projects began to emerge.

As the new millennium was dawning, increasing numbers of pupils were being brought to school well before registration time, as working parents rushed to start their day. The need for a breakfast club was obvious. On our first morning of opening, nearly 100 pupils turned up for breakfast. Mr Mackay’s executive role was to run over to Iceland for more bread and milk! Since then, the school site has been utilised to develop a daycare centre, a public library, a 3G Sports Zone and a purpose-built community playgroup. We adopted the name Finaghy Campus to indicate that the site had become much more than just a primary school, and we chose the motto ‘preparing today’s children for tomorrow’s world’ as a fitting encapsulation of what we strive to do. Building on the traditions of the past, we are continually seeking to evolve and develop for the future.

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