The Finch (1955-1962)

Artwork, stories and poems going back more than 60 years

The Finch

Whilst searching through our archives to compile this website we came across nine editions of ’The Finch’. These appear to be class year-books and contain artwork, stories and poems dating back to 1955. They are yet another fascinating insight into school life in a different era. Mr C Colbert MA ALCM (teacher) appears to have been one of the main coordinators of this annual enterprise and Miss Crawford (secretary) is thanked for all the typing. (Mr Colbert was acting principal during the war years, when Mr Gillespie was seconded to work for the inspectorate.)

Each magazine contains 25-30 pages, and because they have been so infrequently opened, much of the artwork is still very vibrant.  There are lino-cuts, paintings, pencil drawings and crayon pieces. Amongst the poems and stories are a trip to Belfast Zoo, a cave adventure in Portrush, the pet shop in Smithfield and a rather daring cartoon set in a hospital..

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